RFID Active Reader

Affordable Way of Using Active RFID Reader Technology

Just like RFID passive reader systems, the RFID active readers comprise of antennas, tags and readers. However, there is a slight difference that you need to know about when going for active and passive RFID readers. It is important for you to known that the passive RFID readers require tags to be fully energized by readers but the active RFID readers use battery powered RFID tags that do not require energy from the readers for sending signals. Due to the fact that the active RFID tags have their own source of power and transmitter, it enables the tag to broadcast signals. Serving as RFID active reader suppliers India, we offer RFID active readers with greater memory capabilities and longer read ranges up to 100 mt. It is also worth noting that our active RFID readers are powered by long battery that can last for a few years but will require replacement eventually.

How do we help?

If you are thinking of getting active readers in India then it is important for you to make the choice of reliable and trustworthy active reader suppliers India. Eco Track System has made its presence felt in the industry for active RFID readers. We offer a complete range of active RFID reader with 100 mt read range and other active RFID reader products for markets throughout India and even abroad. We are the leading suppliers of active RFID readers in India, our active RFID reader products are completely based on the highly innovative and advanced wireless or radio frequency technologies specifically designed for different applications. We have our focus on working in close collaboration with small businesses and system integrators for creating innovative and useful services and applications. Our active RFID tracking solutions offer out-of-the-box services for businesses interested in using the latest technologies without making huge investments.