RFID Gate for Library

Benefits of RFID Library gate Solutions from Eco Track System

Eco Track System makes use of advanced technology for creating environments that effectively work for its customers and their clients. We are into supplying or trading high performance RFID library security systems and other products. Our technologies involve RFID gate for library allowing libraries to get the best from the advanced technologies available in the present times and in the near future. Eco Track System is presently working on expanding its universal presence for meeting the increasing demands for library security systems throughout India. Serving as one of the most important and well-known RFID gate suppliers India, we continuously strive to improve our product range for offering the best in library security and solutions.

Since our inception, we have been constantly growing to serve as one of the leading library security gate suppliers India. Our RFID library gate systems offer perimeter based protection and also help in improving alarm handling capabilities for all locations using conventional RFID systems which are not considered perfect or locations that require enhanced protection. We have been supplying and installing top quality and specialist library gate systems that make way for effective and consistent protection. There are different library gate design options that we deal in making it possible for purchasers to go for the designs that best suit their décor and their budget. The modern gates that we deal in offer visual and audible alarms, staff screen alerts and people counters. Some of the most significant features of our RFID library gate systems include:

  • Highly compatible with Eco Track System labels and products tagged using approved labels from different book suppliers.
  • We use state-of-art and digitally advanced chip to receiver technology for ensuring the proper detection of false alarm free protection.
  • Our RFID library gate system feature integrated sounder and alarm lights that offer individual aisle identification by way of multiplexing.

Come get our RFID products for the best in class protection.